styling, design, and coaching

Beauty can be found everywhere -- we just need our eyes opened to see it. I love to help others reimagine their space and bring out the best in it. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Creativity blossoms within limitations. 


I believe the most welcoming and beautiful homes:

  • are filled with meaningful imagery, objects, and stories

  • mature and adapt through various seasons of life

  • reflect the personalities and values of the inhabitants


My mission is to help others create spaces that inspire and facilitate the environment they want to create. I want to do more than just make your place pretty (though we'll do that). I want to help you where you're stuck and facilitate change. I'm passionate about helping you see the potential!


Many of the women I work with tell me it's difficult to ask for help.  They fear causing conflict with their partners by expressing their desires. Ironically, most partners are supportive and want their wives to feel good about their home. 


As a decorating coach I have found that helping clients work through their fears and limitations fosters creativity. Let's talk! I'm sure we can find a package that works for you.


windows & merchandising

My same passion for home translates to your office or storefront. I've been merchandising and sprucing up offices for the past 5 years.  I know how to move merchandise and draw customers eyes to the right places. Whether it's a winsome window or welcoming workspace, I look forward to designing your space.

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