In each of these packages my commitment to you is:

  • to help you choose mindfully.

  • to be economically savvy.

  • to assist in the decluttering process.

  • to recycle and donate when possible.

  • to creatively think outside the box.

  • to search, shop, and spend resourcefully.


"I wholeheartedly believe high end design can be made affordable. Some of the best touches tend to come from thrift stores, sales, nature,

and repurposing." 



You like most of your things.

You have a small budget but want a change.

You'd like your place to be freshened up and reimagined.




  • Pre-consultation questionnaire.

  • I will come to look at your space, hear what you like and don't like about the current space and design, and begin refreshment on site. This may include moving furniture, styling, and making future purchasing suggestions. (Hours vary depending on space and desired outcome).

  • If you decide you want further services, we will discuss next step options.


This is a great value -- I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time!


Price: $75/hour typically 3-8 hours





Utilizing the old and bringing in the new! 

You desire some change but not a complete overhaul.

You have some ideas but are not sure of next steps.

You're tired of some of your things.

You put aside some funds to purchase new items or repurpose old and are ready to invest in the space.


This package includes:

  • Filling out online consultation questionnaire

  • In person follow-up to questionnaire

  • Design Board (if requested)

  • Ordering and Shopping

  • Makeover of space                                                     (Note: if items need assembly they are done by client)


Price: $75/hour typically 5-12 hours





You're ready for an overhaul.

Your space needs new life!

You want help from start to finish-- new furniture,  accessories and everything in-between. 


This is a full design package which includes:

  • Filling out online consultation questionnaire

  • In person follow-up consultation

  • Design board

  • Spacial planning

  • Ordering and shopping

  • Full instillation and makeover of space             (If items need assembly can be negotiated for client to do or my team)


Price: Depends on the room, overall budget, and scale of the project. 






You don't live on the Central Coast or have limited time to meet.

You have access to email or phone to discuss dreams and outcome desired for space.

You want some direction but feel comfortable with the execution of the design.

You are comfortable purchasing products locally or online.


This full design service package includes:

  • Filling out online consultation questionnaire

  • Sending pictures of space

  • Signing contract for services quote

  • Design board with purchasing instructions (no more than two revisions please). 


Price: My pricing depends on the room and scale of the project. Normally between $200-$1000. Once I recieve your pictures and questionnaire, you'll recieve a quote within a week.